Save hundreds—if not thousands of dollars on promotions and advertising when growing your audience by just as much for a fraction of the cost, all while giving back to the community.

The hardest part is selecting a duration and the sponsored amount to give back in order to grow… you can relax as we bring you more exposure! We offer flat rate fees based on duration and not on the sponsor size, which means it costs the same FEE to sponsor $500 for an hour as it does to sponsor $50 for the same duration, so your money goes where it’s needed most. Your Growth. Your Way.

As a contestant, it’s easier than buying a lottery ticket and it’s completely free. Follow the post (formerly “tweet”) instructions on X (formerly “Twitter”) and win cash. Sponsors pay for a time slot, and participants enter for a chance to win cash while checking out the sponsor.

There is an optional yet free “affiliation program” for all Growth Packages found in AFBN Advertising & Promotions, which offers a flat rate of $5 commission on every successful sale when your link or code is used. The cookie data from your link is valid for up to 30 days, which means anything purchased during that time constitutes as a successful referral.

Winners randomly selected from X (formerly “Twitter”) reposts (formerly “retweets”) will undergo a visual authenticity verification before prize money is distributed and will have 24HRS to either initiate or reply to X DM to claim their prize. No purchase necessary for contestants. Payment will be awarded via CashApp, PayPal, or Bitcoin at winner’s discretion.

Every promotion includes a boost in X followers, and an action request (i.e. Join Discord, Follow on TikTok, Repost Pinned etc.) at no additional cost. What are you waiting for? Take control of your growth today and let us help you expand your reach while giving back to those who need it most!

“AFBN” is the abbreviation for, A Few Bad Newbies. A NY LLC. that’s changing the world both in and out of Web3. Please visit the parent ecosystem homepage at, to learn more about the global business.

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