5HR | $200 Give Away




Grow your brand, social media, project, or audience all while giving back to the community! Affordably.

By using X (formerly “Twitter”) Philanthropy, A Few Bad Newbies will launch a Give Away utilizing your sponsored money to bring whatever it is you’re doing… the attention it properly deserves.

Simply pick your duration of interest, choose how much you’re sponsoring for your growth, add the product to your cart. Upon checkout all of the information needed to run the promotion will be acquired all while you remain anonymous. Don’t forget to give a link to what you’re promoting!

We will shout out the X Account you list upon check out when launching the X Raffle at no extra cost and grow your following in doing so!

Flat Fee based on duration, not on how much is given away!
$50 fee for 5 Hours + Your Sponsored Amount

One winner is picked from the Reposts (formerly “Retweets”) of each Promotional Give Away. Winners are paid once DM is received, user is verified, and payment options declared.


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